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At Moore's Pharmacy, we have found a standard in which the promotion of health and personalized care are the order of the day. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be recipients of the expertise, goodwill and compassionate nature of Robert N. Moore and his staff.

-Robert R.

Being a health care professional, I exhausted all of my efforts with conventional medicine before seeking the Natural/Holistic route, which I now know was the wrong thing to do! When I came to Moore's Pharmacy, I had been battling debilitating fatigue and weight gain, for over a year. I suffer from an inflammatory thyroid disease that I treat with Armour Thyroid. I brought my most recent lab work to Robert Moore, and he was the only person to be concerned with my elevated CRP, an inflammatory marker that I assumed was from the Thyroid. I was told by my MD that it would always be high and I could NOT do anything to bring it down. Robert educated me how this can affect the whole body and lead to many other conditions. Robert started me on a regime of supplements that after 1 year, had reduced it by half! He also introduced me to the Numedica HCG trim weight loss method. I lost 30 pounds and with the weight off the energy came back. I now know my first line of defense in my wellness is nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise not a prescription drug. Thank you Moore's Pharmacy!    

-T Deleon

Robert N. Moore, R.Ph. has been so instrumental in my overall well-being. He has effectively continued to educate me in all aspects that are important to my health - nutrition, prevention, exercise – through the workshops he offers. He has been able to balance my hormones to the closest natural possible. I recently went for my annual check up and it was so refreshing to hear my physician tell me: “I’ll call Robert to get his input for your Rx. I trust him wholeheartedly.” I know that I am in good hands!
-Ana H.

With Robert’s advice and my determination to follow it, I have now the energy needed to exercise and the desire to stay on the course of eating healthier%u2026I have FOUND the motivation that I was looking for! 2013 started without having to make the same “new year’s resolution” that most of us fail to accomplish a couple of months later. Giving Robert Moore the chance to help me was the best “end of year resolution” I could have made.
-Marina C

Moore's Pharmacy Inc. has set new higher, and much-needed standards for Pharmacy service and care, the like of which we have never encountered before.

-Robert & Sylvia R.

I have known and worked closely with Robert Moore for at least 10 years. He is without doubt the most progressive, forward thinking pharmacist that I have ever worked with. He and his staff are SO patient friendly. My patients tell me over and over how they are very pleased with how they are treated as an individual, not a number. I highly recommend any of their locations to assist my patients.