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Customized Medications for Wound Care, Burns, Keloids & Scars

  We often receive questions about compounded medications to treat scars and difficult-to-heal wounds. And, we can usually help because in addition to our ability to customize medications to meet unique needs, we now have proprietary gels and washes which have been formulated to treat:

  • Scars (old, new or surgical)
  • Keloids
  • Burns (from heat source or radiation)
  • Stretch marks secondary to weight loss or gain, or rapid growth associated with puberty
  • Ulcerated leg wounds
  • Acne scars

   Our compounding pharmacist works together with patients and other healthcare providers to customize prescription wound care preparations to reduce wound complications, promote healing, discourage bacterial infection, and reduce pain and inflammation. We can compound medications for hard-to-heal wounds and pressure sores, and can add medications to relieve pain and odor. For those who suffer from poor circulation to their extremities or who have a wound that is slow to heal, a preparation can be compounded to promote circulation to the area and enhance healing.

We use the finest pharmaceutical quality ingredients to formulate prescription medications in the optimal strength and dosage form for each patient. Your questions are always welcome!


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