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Problems Swallowing?

Do you or someone you know have difficulty or discomfort in swallowing?  The medical term is dysphagia, and it is a problem for many people, especially stroke victims, the elderly and people with advanced dementia. Difficulty with swallowing oral medications increases the risk of aspiration (breathing in a foreign object or sucking food or medication into the airway) which can lead to pneumonia. These are some of the reasons why alternative routes of administration, including transdermal or rectal, can be very helpful.  Many medications can be compounded as transdermal preparations to be applied topically and absorbed through the skin, to treat pain and inflammation, spasms, and nausea/vomiting. Our compounding pharmacist works together with physicians, patients and their families to compound the most appropriate medication, strength and dosage form for each patient. Bring us your medication problems! 



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