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Customized Care for your Pets

Trying to administer medication to an animal is not always easy. We work together with veterinarians and pet owners to optimize pet care by compounding specialized medications which meet the unique needs of each animal — pets, exotics, horses, or zoo animals. We prepare medications in easy-to-give flavored dosage forms that animals devour: tuna for cats, liver for dogs, banana or tutti frutti for exotics. Or, ask us about topical or transdermal medications that can be applied to the problem area, or to a hairless area like inside the ear to take care of systemic health issues. Transdermal delivery is particularly useful for animals who should not be stressed due to cardiovascular or hypertensive illness. Preparation of these specialized medications requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques and have a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. 

The possibilities are endless - bring us your medication problems.



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