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Drug Shortages or Special Needs: We Can Help

Some medications are no longer manufactured due to declining profitability, when drug companies make the decision to use their resources to produce newly-patented medications. However, older medications still work well for many patients, and may have fewer side effects. When medications are on back order or discontinued for reasons unrelated to safety, our pharmacy can often obtain the active ingredient as a pure chemical and compound the needed preparation. Compounding also enables us to remove problematic excipients such as dyes, sugar and lactose; and to customize the dose or concentration of a medication. We can compound medications as dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as lollipops or transdermal gels, to make it easier for people to take their medications and reduce side effects. When you need a medication that is not commercially available, ask our professional compounding pharmacist. We customize medications to meet specific patient needs.



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