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Brisk Walk Each Day May Keep Arthritis Away

Less than 10 minutes a day of brisk walking can help prevent disability in people with arthritis pain in their knee, hip, ankle or foot. This adds up to just one hour a week of brisk physical activity for people to maintain their independence, according to a study at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. "This minimum threshold may motivate inactive older adults to begin their path toward a physically active lifestyle with the wide range of health benefits promoted by physical activity," said lead author Dorothy Dunlop, a professor of preventive medicine. By the end of the four year study, 24 percent of participants who did not get a weekly hour of brisk physical activity were walking too slowly to safely cross the street, and 23 percent had difficulty performing their morning routines. Take a short, brisk walk each day to keep arthritis symptoms at bay! 



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