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Athlete’s Foot - a Summer Bummer

Along with summer's heat and humidity comes an increase in athlete's foot. This contagious fungal infection affects the skin on the feet, but can also infect the hands, armpits and groin. Successful use of topical therapy for athlete's foot and other fungal skin infections requires that the medication can be adequately absorbed and is used for an adequate time to eradicate the fungal infection. By prescription, our compounding professionals can prepare creams, solutions, lotion, powders and foams containing combinations of medications such as ketoconazole, miconazole, clotrimazole, ibuprofen, undecylenic acid, and urea in concentrations that are most appropriate for a specific patient and condition. We can also use natural ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender oil, and can select the best base for the preparation depending on the condition being treated.



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