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Reducing Radiation Skin Damage in Breast Cancer Patients

There are few effective treatment options for radiation-induced skin damage in breast cancer patients. Despite technological advances, acute radiation skin toxicity is the most common side effect of breast cancer radiation therapy, occurring in more than 90% of patients. Complications such as pain, discomfort, irritation, itching, and a burning feeling may cause restriction in movement, unplanned treatment interruptions, and a decreased chance of getting an effective dose. These issues might reduce patients’ survival rates, as well as their quality of life. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a substance found in green tea, helps human skin heal after exposure to excess radiation from the sun. In a study, EGCG topical solution reduced the pain in 86% of patients, burning feeling in 90%, itching in 8.8%, pulling in 71%, and tenderness in 80%. Ask our compounding pharmacist for more information.



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