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COVID-19 & Pet Concerns

Many pet owners have wondered if their cats or dogs can get or carry coronavirus. Experimental conditions indicate that dogs have a very slight risk of infection that may not be very consequential. Young adult cats may get mild infections and spread the virus, and kittens may get very sick. It’s unclear whether cats can be infected just from sharing rooms and licking the face or hands of an infected owner. Therefore, it’s a good idea to protect kittens from any humans known to be sick with COVID-19, and to keep your face and hands well-washed regardless of whether you believe you have the virus if you have a kitten or young cat that licks them. It’s unclear whether these precautions need to be taken around dogs. Hand washing is known to be an important part of preventing spread between humans, so it seems best to treat any pets as another member of the household and protect them during this time.






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