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Customized Medications for Children: Turning Yuck to Yum!

Children pose multiple challenges when it comes to medicine. For children who don’t like the taste, color, or texture of their medication, or who have food allergies and specific dietary needs, we can compound customized medications to please! We can also help children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which often accompanies developmental disorders such as autism, fragile X syndrome, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The sensation of taste and texture in the mouth may trigger negative responses in children with SPD and can produce gagging, vomiting, and screaming, which obviously make it difficult to take medication as prescribed.

   Large pharmaceutical companies don’t manufacture medications in multiple strengths, flavors, and dosage forms. But as compounders, customizing medications is what we do! When commercially available options are exhausted or just can’t be used, our compounding pharmacist can usually offer a solution, and sometimes reduce side effects or improve the outcome or therapy.

Our compounding pharmacy is here to meet each child’s specific needs. We have specialized training and equipment not found in most pharmacies, and will work together with patients, their family or caregivers, and doctors to solve medication problems. We can compound flavored suspensions, gummies, or lollipops. Often, caregivers prefer topical or transdermal creams or gels that eliminate the need to administer medication orally. Let us know how we can help. Your questions are welcome.


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