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Staying Healthy During Winter

Respiratory infections are transferred more readily in the winter time because we spend more time in enclosed spaces, close to each other, so that we have more prolonged face-to-face contact. Low humidity (dry air) in winter also plays a part. Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University explained, “When we’re in a time of low humidity such as we have in the winter time, it appears that that little bit of moisture that surrounds the virus evaporates, so the virus remains in the air for a sufficiently prolonged time so that the person who is sufficiently close to me can breathe it in.” Researchers at Virginia Tech found that good ventilation, as well as high relative humidity indoors, renders the influenza A virus inactive. One of your best defenses against illness is a healthy immune system. Talk with our pharmacist to see how we can help strengthen your immune system.




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