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Customized Medications for Better Health
  When patients can receive the optimal dose of medication that is needed to treat an illness (based on their age, weight, etc.), they are more likely to recover quickly with minimal side effects. Unfortunately, drugs are commercially manufactured in limited doses, dosage forms, and flavors. Sometimes people must be hospitalized or receive home IV therapy when they cannot swallow and the medication they need is only available in oral and injectable dosage forms. Or, when children or chronically ill individuals refuse medication because they dislike the taste, their condition can worsen. WE CAN HELP! Using FDA-approved drugs which we obtain as pure powders or liquids, our compounding pharmacy can formulate the needed dose of medication into a customized dosage form such as a flavored lozenge, suspension, or even a lollipop - and medicated, flavored, chewies for pets! Another option: many drugs can be compounded as topical or transdermal dosage forms that can be absorbed through the skin.
   Discontinued drug? If you or your doctor would like to use a medication that is unavailable or no longer commercially manufactured for non-safety-related reasons (such as declining use making it unprofitable to manufacture), our compounding professionals can usually formulate the preparation - and sometimes even improve it by modifying the dose, or changing the flavor or dosage form.
   Allergies? We can also compound medications that are free of ingredients such as sugar, dyes, alcohol, gluten, lactose and preservatives.
We work together with physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and other health care professionals to solve our patients’ medication problems.
Your questions and problems are welcome!

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